Judges' comment translation
Editor: The forth place winner is "Pond of Jade" by Ms. Windie.
Kobayashi Norio: The photo was just taken at a pond in Kamakura. However, the photograph gives a mysterious feeling!
Terauchi Masato: Although it's not unusual to see photographs from this kind of place, I haven't seen anyone has done in such a way until now.
Yokogi Alao: I feel like this color tone is a trend. Ah! It's taken by Polaroid, right?
Kobayashi Norio: Yes, it seems like it was takene by Polaroid. Then she scanned it and printed it out. That's why it feels like it's a little bit out of focus. Because of that, it just produced even better mysterious look and feel.
Terauchi Masato: It brings my eyes right there to the beautiful water surface. Every photograph should have the particular detail or visual point.